Retreats & Weddings

Strict adherence will be given to state and federal guidelines regarding social gatherings. Currently we are limited as to the number of people that may legally gather, so please call for more information.

Celebrations come wrapped in many shapes and sizes. We prefer ours small and intimate. China Beach Retreat is the perfect location for a very memorable, intimate occasion. A strong sense of serenity pervades here. The vast, seasonally changing landscape, formed when bay, river and ocean merge, has a mesmerizing effect on the viewer, while it provides a safe resting place for wildlife and waterfowl.

Your gathering should not be a hassle. It should be a moment of tranquility and relaxation. That is what we would like to provide for you, and we believe we can, at China Beach Retreat.

Joy finds expression in many ways. Our staff is friendly, and the property speaks for itself. The front yard is a haven for wildfowl, hawks and eagles. A family of otter lives in the slough that snakes across the estuary, just a stone’s throw from the craftsman-style house. The morning sun rises over the Columbia River and deer often visit the front yard. From either of our two upstairs rooms, the Kuan Yin Suite, or the Audubon Cottage a couple can enjoy the abundant water fowl, the lunar swing of tides, a circus of rich color, and the phases of the moon.

The Main House at China Beach houses seven people, and the Audubon Cottage will accommodate one couple. David Campiche and Laurie Anderson, who were the owner/innkeeprs at the Shelburne Inn for 40 years, have hosted many group retreats and weddings over the years and they will assist you in making your own gathering an unforgettably delightful event.

Group and Business Retreats – An Opportunity to Bond

Discounted group and business rates are available at China Beach Retreat mid week. The environment is relaxing, the service, efficient and low-key. Services include bottomless cups of coffee or tea and cookies at snack time. Office and AV equipment is available for a fee. Call soon to schedule your much-needed retreat at China Beach.

222 Robert Gray Drive

Ilwaco, WA 98624

P: (360) 777-3312


The property is currently under renovation.

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